FTZ-Community Foundation (FTZ-Com) was established as a voluntary, non-profit organisation to promote local and community development. The Foundation enjoys the support of the Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit and the University of Malta’s Mediterranean Institute, which helped to set it up following the enactment in Malta of legislation for Voluntary Organisations. It therefore brings to bear the extensive experience of these two
organisations when implementing its community projects, generally developed in collaboration with Local Councils and civil society organisations.

FTZ-Com operates through networks and multi-stakeholder partnerships serving as a platform for actions in favour of community development, social cohesion and inclusion. Its services range from the provision of research, training, consultancy and technical assistance to project management.

FTZ-Com delivers training programmes through its online platform and through the Isla Community Technology and Learning Centre, set up together with the Isla Local Council. It forms part of international educational networks in the Mediterranean and the Commonwealth and offers internships to support social enterprise and youth empowerment initiatives. It also acts as a multiplier of information and has recently started to produce a series of radio programmes on its European projects for Campus FM, the University radio covering all the national territory.
Through its association to the University of Malta, where its office is located, and the complementary expertise provided by its members, FTZ-Com can rely on a strong research base which allows it to participate in RTD projects and academic activities on various topics. Furthermore, the Foundation conducts studies, issues publications, organises conferences and events and supports the mobility of researchers through the Euraxess Services Network.